La Mesita

A Luxury Ranch Escape
Rolling Acres of Luxury Ranch, Just North of Santa Fe

Rolling Acres

of Luxury Ranch

If you’re looking for a beautiful wedding location, a luxurious group retreat destination, or a perfect, private poolside location for your swank party or reception, it’s La Mesita.

Five residences sit atop the ranch property—the Grande Hacienda, the Cowboy Bunk House, the Country Cottage, the Bachelor Pad and the Horsemen’s Cottage—each offering a unique guest experience. Wake up to the sight of horses grazing in the fields, or take a nap beneath the old Cottonwoods. Chase the kids on the wide grass lawns. Enjoy the mature perennials, duck pond, long brick portals and views of the gardens and valley in all directions. The property offers both casual and formal settings for your wedding or event.

La Mesita lies in the heart of the Nambé Valley, just 15 minutes north of Santa Fe, New Mexico. Gated and private, this 144-acres of lush, quietly elegant ranch property was re-purchased by the original owners—the Pueblo of Pojoaque (one of the eight Northern Pueblos of New Mexico)—and is now available to guests seeking a retreat, a getaway oasis, or a celebration destination. Traditional and formally appointed throughout, yet comfortable in its decor and modern in its accessibility, La Mesita Ranch offers guests a rare and beautiful setting in which to celebrate the special moments in life such as a wedding, anniversary, family gathering or reunion, or golf or girlfriend getaway. The ranch is also available as a unique and special location for corporate meetings, a site location for the movie/film industry or simply a quiet refuge from the stresses in life.

The property is surrounded by native lands, badlands canyons, old cottonwood trees, verdant alfalfa fields, views of the Sangre de Cristos to the east and western sunset vistas as far as the eye can see. Set apart from the light pollution of the urban settings, starry night skies light up the ranch. Lovingly and carefully maintained for decades, La Mesita Ranch is a rare and distinctive property, perfect for those eager to appreciate its beauty, its tradition, its activity and its solitude.WiFi, cable television and a highly selective vendor-partner program offer your guests modern conveniences. La Mesita Ranch has cultivated relationships with the best chefs, caterers, massage therapists, event planners, personal services providers, and activity/outdoor coordinators—everything and everyone you need to make your stay memorable.

The residences at La Mesita Ranch are available for nightly, weekly and monthly rental.

Book your event, wedding, or stay today. Call 505-412-9921 to schedule a tour.

Experience the culture, history and traditions of New Mexico from this special property.


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