You can text to order a pizza, check a flight status, and now you can TXT Buffalo Thunder!

“I won’t answer the phone, but you can text me!” It’s not just the younger generations, though they’re the ones driving the demand for electronic communication. Let’s face it, it’s just EASIER to shoot off a quick text than to pick up the phone, go through the greeting process, ask your questions, hear the answer, and go through closing ceremonies.

And now, guests at Buffalo Thunder no longer need call for service and questions.

The revolutionary service at Hilton Buffalo Thunder Resort is changing how people stay in Santa Fe. So why should you try it out? So how does it work?


1. Verify Your Phone Number
When you check into your room, you’ll verify your cell phone at the front desk. Within 10 minutes, you’ll receive a personalized text greeting from a hotel concierge.

2. Reply To The Message
If you need something—ANYTHING—just reply to the message. Room service, towels, a room cleaning, or if you need to request a spa date. Maybe you just have a question about a restaurant’s hours, or need something to do in Santa Fe. See below:

How To Text For Service

3. Text 505-303-1119
What if you aren’t staying in the hotel? NOT A PROBLEM!

Text 505.303.1119 from anywhere for help making a reservation, questions about the property, to send in a review, and more that we haven’t even thought of yet. It’s not limited to the hotel properties either. You can ask about casino promotions, services, and how to register for the Player’s Club. Basically, TXT BUFFALO THUNDER, is your one-stop source everything Buffalo Thunder Resort and Casino.

Try it today!


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